Natural Resources Projects

Strategy Development

Connections Now can work with you to identify options, evaluate ideas and look for innovative solutions – using structured strategy development that stays focussed on the outcomes you want to achieve.  We can take the pressure off, look at situations with fresh eyes, and use our experience to find ways around road-blocks that might emerge along the way.

Project Coordination

We can coordinate all or parts of your project implementation. Using sound project management methodology we can structure your on-ground activities, communications, or monitoring and evaluation programs.  Connections Now can ease the load from project managers so they are free to oversee the bigger picture. And we can make sure you are positioned to deliver your milestones on time.


Workshop Facilitation

Project managers juggling diverse groups of people and wide-ranging everyday pressures will welcome the expertise and experience Connections Now can provide to assist you with your community forum or workshop.  We can help you make it a success, making sure participants’ experience meaningful engagement.  We can assist with developing the program and facilitating the workshop as well as coordinating the practical arrangements.

Meeting Coordination

Connections Now can assist you to convene meetings that achieve good outcomes for participants. It can be a drag to organise participants, agenda and venue – taking your focus away from what you want to achieve. Connections Now can work with you to make sure you are able to present your ideas clearly, and your meeting participants stay focussed and achieve results.

Professional Writing

Communications Products

We can work with you to engage your target audience through well researched content and innovative design. Connections Now has experience in developing print and digital communications products including newsletter features, brochures and web material. We can explore with you, how your ideas can be promoted – and if you want, do the leg-work in coordinating your products.

Grant Writing

Preparing funding applications under invariably tight time-frames can be challenging and exhausting. We can bring experience, grant writing ‘know-how’ and extra capacity to make sure you are positioned to submit high quality project applications. You can choose the level of involvement you need from Connections Now to assist your team. Connections Now has a proven track record of success, even in highly competitive funding rounds

Report Writing

We know how critical it is to produce well written, high quality reports. Connections Now has extensive experience in researching and writing reports for a variety of end users. We work with you to make sure key messages are clear and the topic is comprehensively covered. If you need, we can consult with stakeholder groups along the way to make sure all views are represented.

Editing and Proofreading

Connections Now can help you get that polished end product you are looking for. Our professional experience and technical knowledge provides a sound background to ensure thorough editing and proofreading of your documents.