Reporting Scientific Research

Connections Now coordinated the production of a high quality guide for industries and land managers in the Cooper Creek Catchment, SA.

The report summarises a series of technical reports produced by researchers from around Australia that outline the geomorphology, hydrology, vegetation, bird communities, fish and other aquatic fauna, cultural landscapes and ecological condition of the SA section of the Cooper Creek.

The report features an innovative graphically designed (Suzi Markov Designs) and annotated locality map.

Working with Hadyn Hanna and Simon Lewis, a dynamic and multi-skilled team approach was adopted to ensure a high quality end product.

Working with Deb on a number of projects has been a great experience. It is Deb’s enthusiasm and willingness to take on a variety of roles and provide supportive input and innovative ideas that I value most.
Henry Mancini, Senior Water Project Officer, Natural Resources SA Arid Lands


Project Details

  • Category: Communications Products, Report Writing
  • Project Date: 04/15/13
  • Client: Natural Resources SA Arid Lands